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 Your stories: current survey data responses. Click this link

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This red link above takes you to the most current summary of how everyone has answered the survey. You can view written comments here too.

It is a little tricky, so follow these steps:   Click on the blue speech bubble "Show replies".  Check that the drop down box at the bottom of the replies is at the maximum "50 comments" at a time.  For some questions there are so many comments (like 70 - 100+) so you will see some page arrows at the bottom of the comments which you may need to scroll left to right.   To view each page of 50 comments you will have to scroll up and down the page. 

Not all questions have written comments.  Those that do are Questions 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Not every respondent has answered every question, only those relevant to their experience and situation. 

Lots of families have taken time to share their stories and after reading all the comments it is clear that the current options for secondary schooling for Agnes Water/1770 families are not meeting the majority of survey respondents needs. 


Share your views and your stories of experience with managing secondary education.

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