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Interesting facts:

  • The State Gov't says you need more than 1000 students to have a high school.


  • Miriam Vale State School has 113 students Prep -10 (and only 40 of these are secondary students). 
  • Rosedale High School has 253 students Prep -12 (and 204 of these are  secondary students but half of those are our kids travelling from Agnes Water).
  • Mt Larcom has 112 students Prep -10
  • Alpha School has 72 students Prep - 10.
  • Blackall School has 133 students Prep -12.
  • Yarraman School has 219 students Prep - 10
  • Goomeri has 138 students Prep - 10
  • and there are many many more examples..

 Agnes Water Primary School has 285 primary students Prep - 7

Agnes Water has currently approx 180 secondary school aged students who have to leave town to get a secondary education.

The %  of Agnes Water kids aged 5-14 years is higher than the national average. The State Government will not support a middle school or high school here.


How much are governments paying to send our children away?

  • For each Agnes Water child who attends boarding school the Federal Gov't pays $6824 a year + an additional $2261 a year if the annual family income is lower than $32 800
  • For each Agnes Water child who lives in Bundaberg during the week the Federal Government pays $198 a fortnight (up to three students in the one family can receive this) as part of a second home allowance or they pay up to $261 a fortnight for full private board. Contact Centrelink  about 'assistance for isolated children funding' for more information.


The government is going ahead with a desalination plant for Agnes Water because of "our substantial population growth".  We are told we have to have the desal plant because the government is worried we won't have enough water to meet projected growth in the area.

  • The capital cost of the project is $40 million.
  • The State Goverment is providing  $27 million from the State Government’s Smaller Communities Assistance Program
  • and the Water and Sewerage Program will fund the first stages of the project.

Can the State Government have it both ways?  They say we have predicted growth to warrant spending $40 MILLION on a desal plant that our community doesn't want - yet they say we don't have growth enough for a middle school.  ???

Go figure.


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