agneswater1770highschool advocacy - consultation

We've emailed or contacted (sometimes a number of times):

  • Julia Gillard, Minister for Education (received response)
  • Anna Bligh, Premier of Qld (received response)
  • Bruce Flegg, Shadow Minister for Education and Training ( no response_
  • Geoff Wilson, Minister for Education and Training (received response)
  • John-Paul Langbroek, Leader of Opposition (no response)
  • Chris Trevor, Member for Flynn (received response)
  • Rob Messenger, Member for Burnett (received response)
  • Paul Lucas, Deputy Premier and Minister for Health (received response)
  • Andrew Fraser, Minister for Employment and Economic Development
  • Tim Mulherin, Minister for Rural and Regional Qld
  • Stirling Hinchcliffe, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning
  • Peter Lawlor, Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading (received response)
  • Karen Struthers, Minister for Community Services and Housing and Minister for Women (received response)
  • Cr George Creed, Mayor Gladstone Regional Council
  • Cr Matt Burnett, Gladstone Regional Council
  • Glenn Churchill, CEO GAPDL (received response and letter of support)
  • Acting CEO Gladstone Regional Council, (received response)
  • Julie Grantham, Director-General, Department of Education and Training
  • Ken Collier/Kirsti Kee, Regional Executive Director, Education Queensland, Wide Bay Burnett (received response)
  • John Thompson, Department of Infrastructure and Planning (received response)
  • Greg Pole, Goverment Statistician, Office of Economic and Statistical Research (OESR)



Meetings and Information Sharing

 May 2010:

  • May 20 planned delegation to Brisbane to meet with Julie Grantham, Director General, Education Qld (The Premier and Geoff Wilson won't make time to meet with us so we will meet with Julie)

April 2010:

  • April 23, 11am - 1pm, Community Forum, Department of Education and Training plan to meet with the community to tell us the latest, which would seem to be, a school is NOT on the agenda. Come to the meeting to ensure they understand our community need and the experiences of our children and families. 
  • April 12, ABC radio interviews: Chris Trevor; Ali Black
  • April 8, Community Rally, Sandcastles Conference room, 4.30pm with TV coverage by 60 MINUTES around waster BER$
  • Geoff Wilson has to respond to tabled petitions
  • April 6, Meeting with community members and advocacy group re rally agenda and program

March 2010:

  • 19 March, Coastal Rag update of lobby and activities to date
  • 17 March, ABC radio Capricornia interview with Ali Black 

February 2010:

  •  13 February, community rally at primary school with Channel 7 (80 people in attendance)
  •  13 February, articles in NewsMail and Gladstone Observer
  • 12 February 16 support letters from community sent in package of information to The Premier Anna Bligh, to Chris Trevor and Rob Messenger
  • 11 February petitions tabled in parliament

January 2010:

Communication with local businesses and receipt of letters of support from key groups and businesses (to forward to Anna Bligh Feb 12) including:

  1. Glenn Chruchill CEO GAPDL

  2. Billy Cox, Agnes Water counselling

  3. Gordon Christian, DCTC

  4. Helen and Adam Hansen

  5. Cross Earthmoving - Carolyn and Mark Cross

  6. 1770 bowls club, c/- Gloria Little

  7. Livingstone Low Electrical - Lynne Livingstone

  8. Agnes Coast Vet - Susannah Plumridge

  9. Agnes Homewares - Greer Pruden

  10. Trigon Building - Peter Kapetanakis

  11. Harcourts Agnes Water - Gordon Christian (go Gordon - 2 letters!!)

  12. Southern Cross Backpackers - Lisa Canavan

  13. Sparkey's @Agnes - Anthony Bonney

  14. A-team services - Shane and Summer Mischke

  15. A landscape experience - Melanie Cooper

  16. Gotcha Covered Painting - Sarah Brennan

  • Friday 29 January: meeting with education experts 

December 2009:

  • Emails to Ministers and Political leaders
  • Thursday 10 December: petitions and sharing with primary school parents
  • Wed 9 December: GREBs Infrastructure meeting
  • Saturday 5 December: advocacy group meeting

November 2009:

  • Wed 25 November: Community Forum 11.30 - 12.30 following following Intra-agency meeting, Discovery Coast Health Centre, Rafting Gnd Rd 
  • 21 November: summary of survey results, Question 3, as at Tuesday 17/11 published in Coastal Rag
  • 13 November: latest results of 145 respondents to survey made available on this website and email lists
  • 7 November: paper survey in Coastal Rag and Coastal Rag article
  • 6 November: petitions distributed throughout community
  • 6 November: sharing results of 113 respondents to survey with Education Queensland, local government and interested parties

 October 2009:  

September 2009:

  • 30 September: Intra-agency meeting
  • 26 September: Coastal Rag article
  • 23 September: Meeting with interested parents and Community Development Officer, Youth and Community Development Service
  • 16 September: Meeting with interested parents
  • 5 September: Coastal Rag article

August 2009:

  • 30 August: Deputation with Geoff Wilson Minister for Education at the Bligh Community Cabinet meeting in Bundaberg
  • 7 August: Meeting with Ken Collier (Ed Qld)

March 2009:

  • 18 March: Meeting with Kirst Kee, Ken Collier, Mark Rewald (Ed Qld)



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