agneswater1770highschool advocacy - Ed Qld updates

Read below to see what we were told in October 2009.  Yet this is the latest from Geoff Wilson (Feb 2010) when asked if any schools are planned for the next ten years in the Bundaberg/Burnett electorate:

 “I am advised that the Department of Education and Training (DET) are currently reviewing the need for a secondary school in the Agnes Water area.  Whilst there are no plans to open a new high school at a specific point in the future, I am advised that DET recognise that the population in the Agnes Water area is growing and that local high school provision could be necessary in the future.  The review is ongoing and is concentrating on 2010 enrolments in the area and the impacts on other high schools in the region.  There are currently no other schools planned for the Bundaberg or Burnett electorates.”

 On 12 October representatives from the Agnes Water 1770 highschool advocacy group met with Ed Qld Acting Regional Director Ken Collier, Strategy and Planning ADG Neil Miller, Chris Trevor MP - Member for Flynn, Rob Messenger MP - Member for Burnett, and Agnes Water Primary Principal Phil McLucas.

The advocacy group reps were pleasantly surprised to hear that Education Queensland saw this meeting as the 'start of a process to move a middle or high school for our community forward'. 

The survey information our community is providing is having an impact.  So please complete a survey if you haven't already. Your voice matters.

Outcomes of the meeting were:

  • We will all meet again after day 8, 2010 and data will be revisited in
    the light of day 8 information
  • the survey data gathered from our parents and community members in Agnes Water will be used alongside Ed Qld data and formal recommendations will be made to the Minister Geoff Wilson for staged implementation of secondary schooling here in Agnes Water
  • 2010 will be a planning and review year around a staged implementation of a
    middle/high school for Agnes Water, (without being able to promise dates and requiring the Minister for Education's approval there is a chance schooling could commence in 2011 or 2012
  • Chris Trevor and Rob Messenger gave their full support for secondary schooling in our community and urged the education department to be visionary and move to provide at least middle schooling for our community
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